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    JST/Tall ships Training Travel Insurance

Jubilee Sailing Trust

Topsail Insurance provides specialist single trip policies for those sailing aboard the TS Tenacious and TS Lord Nelson.

Tall Ships and Sail Training Travel Insurance

Topsail Insurance offer four types of comprehensive travel policies for all crew aboard Tall Ships & Sail Training Vessels.

Sail Training is a fun and exciting adventure make sure you’re adequately covered.

Sailing offshore as part of a team that is responsible for the running of the ship will open a whole new world of challenges, skills and discovery. Topsail Insurance provide travel policies specifically for the Tall Ship and Sail Training Community.

Topsail Insurance’s Tall Ships Travel products provide comprehensive medical and repatriation cover for crews and extends to include reimbursement of costs in the event that you have to cancel your trip, further extending to cover your baggage / personal effects and much more.

It specifically allows for sailing offshore (outside coastal waters), covers climbing the mast / rigging and other normal ships duties.

Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST):

This policy extends to include able bodied and disabled persons on board Lord Nelson and Tenacious. Click the JST link above to get a quote.

Other Tall Ships and Sail Training:
Tall Ships come in many shapes and sizes and we cater for insuring crews travelling on them all. If you are sailing as crew on a non JST ship then click the Other Tall Ships and Sail Training link above to get a quote.

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